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Skool Daze (Part One) - Sexy Michael Jackson Stories/ Fantasies
November 27th, 2009
10:48 am


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Skool Daze (Part One)
August 11, 1988

One day, the principle announced an assembly for my class in the school auditorium. I sat next to my best friend in the middle row. Mr. Adams got up to the microphone stand and quieted us down. "Alright, settle down." We did as we were told. "Ok," he began, "I know you guys are wondering what has happened to Ms. Johnston, our beloved Algebra teacher." Me and Shunda giggled at that because everybody knows she had a nervous breakdown. "Well she won't be working here any more. So now,we've hired a new Algebra teacher. He's young and fresh. Introducing, Mr. Jackson." I wispered to Shunda,"Oh great, another teacher!" Mr. Jackson walks out onto the stage. I immediately drop my jaw...I'm thinking to myself,"Damn" He was wearing shades, his hair back in a ponytail, a red button-down shirt and black pants with loafers. His smooth bronze skin tone really made him shine. Mr. Adams' voice broke my concentration. "Let's give him a round of appalause!" As I was clapping, I noticed my hands were a little sweaty. Did I have a crush on this dude? Naw, no way. Mr. Jackson steps up to the mike and says,"Hello and good evening students! It is a great pleasure to be working with you. Im very excited and can't wait. I start fresh and early in the morning." He then walks off the stage. Soon, me and Shunda are walking home from school. As we walk past the afternoon traffic, I am in a daze... daydreaming about our new teacher.. how sexy he looked... the sound of his voice.. it all captivated me. I didn't hear Shunda calling me until a car almost hit me! "You bastard!" I yelled. That night, I couldn't sleep much because certain thoughts invaded my brain. "Stop it!" I said to myself. "He's just a stupid teacher." The next morning I spent extra time on my hair and make-up. I didn't realize how long I was in the bathroom until my little brother started banging on the door yelling," Mom says get outta the bathroom now, or you'll miss breakfast!" "Ok, Amahd" I say back. After breakfast, I met Shunda at K-Mart and we were on our way to school. As we walked down the long corridors, Shunda told me,"I promised Mr.Hales that I'd help him with something. I'll get back with ya in homeroom, ok?" "Aite, deuces" I said back. I walked into the classroom to find out I was the first one there. "Damn" I whipered. I sat my purse and bookbag down when I hear someone clear their throat. "Hello there. I see you're my first student." I look up and see Mr. Jackson smiling at me while unpacking his books on the desk. "Yes.. g-good m-morning.." I said nervously. He was wearing a white button up shirt, black pants, white tennis shoes and a lab coat and a pair of glasses. He was extremely sexy!! "What is your name?" he asked me. "Adriana Daniels, sir." "I like that name. Could you help me put these books away, Adriana?" he said while looking at me. I'd do anything for you, baby... What? Did I just think a thought like that? Get a hold of yourself Adriana! I scolded myself in the back of my head. "Yes sir." He handed me a few Algebra textbooks. While doing so, I examined his hands. God, they're big! Maybe something else is big, too... What? Again with the dirty thoughts.. Soon class started and I took my seat. Mr. Jackson began his lesson. Me and Shunda were passing notes.
It read: Adriana: Girl, iznt diz man fiiiine?

Shunda: Fo real tho, he iz but hez 2 old for u.

Adriana: Not that old.. How old iz he? 29? 30?

Shunda: idk. U need 2 do ur work

Adriana: ugh! u sound lyke my mother! how can I concentrate anyway? Hez f@#$ing sexy and all I can think abt iz ridin dat d!@#

"Adriana! Are you passing notes?" Mr. Jackson said. "Um.. I was just..uh" I sounded like an idiot. My bronze skin tone turned red all of a sudden. "Give me the note. I want to talk to you after class" Oh god... After he assigned us work out of the book, I noticed him reading the note and nodding his head side to side. God, take me now, I thought to myself. Later at lunchtime, me and Shunda were eating outside in our usual spot on the side of the school under a shade tree. While I was bending over to sit down and some of my cleavage was showing. Then I saw Mr. Jackson pass by looking at my chest. Was he? Or was I seeing things? Later, when it was time to go, Mr. Jackson told me to sit down. I did. "I can't talk today.. but we'll have to talk tomorrow after school, alright?" "Yes sir;" I said sort of seductively. He licked his sexy lips and sent me on my way. That night, I had a hard time deciding on what to wear tomorrow. Then I finally made my decision. The next morning I put on a pink tank top with my push up bra to show extra cleavage, giant hoop earrings, pink lipstick, a mini skirt that stops at my upper thighs, the finishing touches on my make-up, black heels with straps around my ankles, and my class ring and a necklace. I looked good. No, I looked HOT. My shoulder length hair was down with light brown streaks in it. At school, I was getting extra attention from the guys. I wasn't trying to impress any guys.. Well, maybe just one... As Mr. Jackson came into the classroom I noticed that he was staring alittle and his jaw sort of dropped. Later, it was time to go. I stayed behind to talk with Mr. Jackson. "Adriana, come over here" he said to me. "Yes?" I asked. "You do know that you're not supposed to pass notes in class right?" "Yes, sir." "And, you're supposed to listen to everything I say, right?" "Yes,sir" "Well, you need to be punished.." My heart began to pump faster. He closed the door and shut the blinds on the window. "Bend over" he said. I did as I was told and I felt my self getting wet. He grabbed a ruler out of his desk drawer and began spanking me on my ass. They were gentle at first eventually getting harder, leaving red marks on me. "You've been a bad girl and you're about to learn your lesson." Then he slipped down my pink thong and started rubbing my pussy. "Ahh.. ahhh.. ohh, ooo Mr. Jackson!!" I moaned. "Call me Michael, baby." he breathed hard now. I got up away from him and began kissing him on the lips. Then it got heated and we began to tongue kiss. He stopped kissing my lips and began kissing my neck and massaged my breasts. I was moaning. He then ripped my tank top off and took off my bra. Then he started staring at my nipples and began sucking them. "Oh god! This is sooo good!" "You ain't seen nothin' yet, baby" he told me. I pulled away from him and unbuttoned his shirt. Then, I started kissing his belly. I looked down at his pants and saw he was hard. "Mmm" I said. I slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. I then slid down his boxers and his hard erection stood free. I was stunned and turned on. This nigga was huge! I put the tip of his d!ck in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Light moans started to escape his mouth, become louder and intenser as he neared his climax. "Ahh..ooh, stop" he begged me. It was sooo adorable the way he whined and the look on his sexy face. He pushed me against the wall and started playing with my clit. Then he slid his index and middle fingers into my wet pussy. "Oh my god! Yeah, thats it!!! Ohhhh.. ahhh.. baby! Michael!" I moaned. He stopped and laid me down on the floor, placing his hands on my knees spreading my legs wide open. I was wearing nothing but My earrings, necklace, and ring. "Baby, you're about to learn your lesson, now." He forcefully put his hard dick inside me and began thrusting and humping me with force. "Oh..Oh..Oh.. Ahhhh! Oh, Michael!" I screamed. "Slow down! Im a fucking virgin" "I know! That's your punishment, baby girl!" he panted. He drove his dick in and outta me with such force! I was in alot of pain and began to cry from it. "Say my name!" he demanded. "M..M..M..ichael.." I said weakly. "What was that? I can't hear you?" He thrusted deeper and harder into me. "Michael! Michael! MICHAEL FUCKING JACKSON!" I shrieked. Tears were still flowing from my eyes. He slowed down and leaned over to wipe the tears from my eyes and began to kiss me. Now, I was nearing my peak and let out a high pitched scream. I nutted all over his dick. Then, not long after my climax, he had his and he let out the sexiest moan ever. His hot cum was all in my pussy and on the tip of his dick. "Sorry I had to be so rough, baby. You had to learn your lesson." he said while breathing heavy. "Thats okay," I said " I know not to mess with you any more." I smiled. "I love you baby!" I told him while kissing his neck. "Love you more, baby." He said back. And we both put our clothes on and walked out together.


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